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learn English grammar in 10 days v1.0 This app makes sure that you will learn English grammar in 10 days. There are 35 units to explain English grammar deeply and clearly.
29.06.2016 17:08:42    englishtips.org
0 This   Общество
101 Dalmatians - Penguin KidsPongo and Perdita are Dalmatian dogs.They have 15 Dalmatian puppies. Cruella De Vil steals the puppies. She wants to make a new fur coat! All the animals in London are looking for these puppies. Can they save them in time?
29.06.2016 17:08:26    englishtips.org
101 Dalmatians Penguin KidsPongo 15 Dalmatian Cruella De Vil   Общество
Fundamentals of Financial Management concise 6th editionTrust the market-leading author team that has set the standard for quality, reliability, accuracy, and innovation edition after edition to help you put your students on the forefront of understanding today's corporate finance and financial management. Brigham/Houston's new FUNDAMENTALS OF FINANCIAL MANAGEMENT, CONCISE EDITION, Sixth Edition, is First in Finance with a unique, proven, compact approach to teaching introductory finance principles that offers a unique balance of clear concepts, contemporary theory, and practical applications.
29.06.2016 05:39:12    englishtips.org
Digital Wars [AudiobookDigital Wars starts in 1998, when the Internet and computing business was about to be upended - by an antitrust case, a tiny start-up and a former giant rebuilding it. Charles Arthur here examines the differing strategies of the three best-known tech companies in their battle to win control of the exploding network connecting the world. 
29.06.2016 05:38:32    englishtips.org
Digital Wars AudiobookDigital Wars 1998 Charles Arthur   Общество
Monsters nc. - Penguin Kids - Level 2Sulley is big, blue, and furry. Mike is short and green with one big eye. Mike and Sulley are friends. They are monsters! Every night the monsters scare children in their beds. One day, Sulley opens a door. He meets Boo! Can Sulley, Mike, and Boo be friends?
28.06.2016 21:59:38    englishtips.org
Penguin Kids Level 2Sulley Can Sulley   Общество
From Words to Grammar is a different introduction to grammar for students. Taking a word-based approach to grammar, this innovative book introduces the subject through the analysis of over a hundred of the most commonly used English words. This unique approach not only introduces students to grammar but also provides them with an understanding of how grammar works in everyday English. Written by an experienced teacher and author, From Words to Grammar is ideal for all students of English Language.
28.06.2016 21:59:23    englishtips.org
From Words English Language   Общество
A four-level American English course for teenage learnersThrough a comprehensive and innovative range of resources, Got it! uses hands-on language presentations to help students discover language intuitively and try out new structures. Through personalization and dialogue they explore meaning in a framework of issues which engage them. Competence in individual skills and awareness of progress and success are encouraged throughout.
28.06.2016 21:55:37    englishtips.org
American English   Общество
Fast Forward Reading: How to Speed Up Your Skills in English Stop feeling frustrated with English reading assignments! What if reading could be fun, something that you loved doing? In 8 clear points, learn secret strategies that will have you reading in English with ease. Understand, remember, and read more material than before.
28.06.2016 21:55:21    englishtips.org
Fast Forward Reading Speed Up Your Skills English Stop In 8   Общество
Critical Conversation: 30 Days To Master Small Talk With AnyoneYou will learn secret conversation Tactics that will teach you everything you need to confidently engage in effective small talk with anyone AND anywhere. In fact, you’ll get the in-depth guide to quickly see how powerful small talk really is… and how you can use it to build rapport in ANY situation.
28.06.2016 21:55:01    englishtips.org
Critical Conversation 30 Days To Master Small Talk With AnyoneYou   Общество
Forbes USA - 29 June 2016Forbes Magazine, beyond its famed lists, has a unique voice in its coverage of global business stories. Whether it’s reporting on the “next Facebook” or scrutinizing a new tax law, Forbes covers stories with uncanny insight and conciseness that hurried business folks appreciate.
28.06.2016 15:12:58    englishtips.org
Forbes USA 29 June 2016Forbes Magazine   Общество

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