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This book systematically describes the angioarchitecture of the spinal cord. Microradiographs of superficial and intrinsic arterial supply and venous drainage patterns provide the anatomical basis needed to understand spinal vascular disorders. These post mortem studies are supplemented by clinical spinal angiographies and case studies.
01.07.2016 22:25:52    englishtips.org
This book builds on R. M. W. Dixon's most influential work on the indigenous languages of Australia over the past forty years, from his trailblazing grammar of Dyirbal published in 1972 to later grammars of Yidiñ and Warrgamay . Edible Gender, Mother-in-Law Style, and Other Grammatical Wonders includes further studies on these languages, and the interrelations between them.
01.07.2016 22:23:43    englishtips.org
1972 Edible Gender Mother in Law Style Other Grammatical Wonders   Общество
This atlas leads the reader through the adult autopsy process, and its common variations, with a large number of high-quality macroscopic photographs and concise accompanying text. It provides a manual of current practice and is an easy-to-use resource for case examination for consent, medico-legal and radiological autopsies.
01.07.2016 22:21:07    englishtips.org
This atlas of postmortem angiography provides a summary of techniques that have been developed and used in order to visualize the human vascular system. The indications, advantages, limitations, and pitfalls of the different techniques are explained in detail through the use of exles from real cases and a wealth of informative images, as well as knowledge from the latest scientific works. Helpful recommendations are made concerning interpretation of the obtained radiological images, which will allow readers to start their own work in the field of post-mortem angiography or to ease and improve their practice.
01.07.2016 22:18:49    englishtips.org
During a time of standards-based instruction, Beyond the Textbook: Using Trade Books and Databases to Teach Our Nation's History, Grades 7–12 will fill the gap in today's middle and high school classrooms to simultaneously engage students in effective literacy skill exercises and teach our nation's history. Authored by three experienced former public school teachers, these ready-made lesson plans for classroom teachers and school librarians make planning easy for implementation in a social studies, history, or English classroom.
01.07.2016 22:16:46    englishtips.org
Using Trade Books Teach Our Nation Grades 7   Общество
Астахов подал заявление об отставке
Уполномоченный по правам ребенка Павел Астахов сообщил, что подал заявление об отставке. По его словам, окончательное решение за президентом. Павел Астахов подал заявление об отставке с поста уполномоченного по правам ребенка. Об этом он заявил телеканалу ."Вчера после очень серьезного разговора я подал заявление, но решение примет президент", – сказал Астахов.Ранее собеседники РБК говорили, что отставка Астахова произойдет по совокупности обстоятельств: из-за заявления о "сморщенных женщинах", с пострадавшими в Карелии детьми, а также вопросов, которые возникли у антикоррупционного управления Кремля...
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Павел Астахов РБК   Общество
This book demonstrates how the latest insights into the physiopathology of the stress response can be integrated into clinical practice. The topic is particularly relevant since the metabolic changes triggered by acute stress, including adaptive responses such as resistance to anabolic signals, have recently been more precisely delineated. The underlying mechanisms of these changes are also now better understood.
01.07.2016 22:14:29    englishtips.org
This book provides a comprehensive framework for treatment and management of bronchopulmonary dysplasia. In recent years great strides have been made toward understanding the pathogenesis and clinical aspects of BPD, which is the most common chronic lung disease affecting infants. This one-stop resource is written by leading scientists and clinicians in the field, and chapters discuss the most recent developments in the basic scientific, translational, and clinical characteristics of the disease.
01.07.2016 22:12:20    englishtips.org
This book explores the non-interventional aspects of interventional pulmonology, focusing on diseases of the central airways. As the field of bronchology and interventional pulmonology expands, newer conditions involving the central airways are being recognized with increasing frequency. Current literature has mainly focused on technical aspects of the subspecialty, but this book illuminates what else interventional pulmonology has to offer the pulmonologist, including diagnosis and alternate therapeutic options.
01.07.2016 22:10:06    englishtips.org
This textbook provides a state-of-the-art reference in the rapidly changing field of hernia surgery. With contributions by key opinion leaders in the field, this book describes the latest trends and detailed technical modifications for both routine and complex hernias. The reader will gain unique insights into robotic and laparoscopic repairs, anterior and posterior component separations, reconstructions in the setting of contamination, enterocutaneous fistulas and loss of abdominal domain. Important contributions from key reconstructive plastic surgeons detail modern trends on how to deal with complex skin and soft tissue challenges.
01.07.2016 22:06:13    englishtips.org

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